Our Favourite Documentary Films From 2016

Yeah, we know, 2016 wasn’t a great year. I don’t think we have to mention who or what specifically went wrong last year, but you understand who and what we’re talking about. However, 2016 was a great year for documentary films. Seeing as we’re an online documentary film festival, we felt it was only fair for us to share some of our favourite trailers from last year.

The White Helmets. This doc one the oscar for best short. It’s heavy, really heavy, but holy crap it’s incredible. It captures the human spirit on a level that is gripping and heart-breaking. The White Helmets are a volunteer civil defence group that currently risk their lives in parts of rebel-controlled Syria. It’s worth a watch, and at 40 minutes long, you really have no excuse. You can support them here.

Amanda Knox. This doc reveals lots of details regarding the Amanda Knox murder case. The American girl who spent four years in Italian prison for the murder of her English roommate. This film shows the characters involved in her conviction and sheds light on the other possible suspects in the film.

Tickled. I’m still really not sure what I watched. All I know is that I was completely taken back by this strange, strange story of “competitive endurance tickling” and videos featuring it. The film also explores the practices of those people producing the videos and their possible motives. It goes in strange places but we loved it.


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