Announcing Our New Sponsors

Although it’s still early days for this festival, we’re happy to announce that we’ve partner with a companies to bring this festival to life. We’re so happy to be joining forces with these guys and are really looking forward to getting this thing going! Hopefully soon we’ll be making an announcement on a few more sponsors and our judging panels. As much as we’d like to reveal those details now, it’s still to early to officially conform those details.

POV Magazine, we’d like to thanks POV Magazine for coming on board to support our efforts. If you haven’t heard about POV Magazine then you’re in for a real treat. For almost 30 years they have been Canada’s leading documentary magazine for filmmakers, release a few issues a year the magazine has featured artists from across Canada and internationally. They also have a fantastic blog. We’re so excited to have them on board.

Vimeo. We’d like to thank Vimeo Pro for joining forces with us. Vimeo pro is a fantastic platform that unlocks a tonne of features for filmmakers. This includes high quality uploads, video analytics and most importantly, tools for selling your videos.

MarketMe Video Production. We’d like to Thank Jesse and the team at MarketMe. They’ve been gracious enough to help with our web services. They are a San Francisco video production company and have worked with clients from small local business to large fortune 500 companies.  Check them out on Twitter and Facebook.

Okay, that’s the first official post on our new sponsors. Stay tuned for more news coming in the next month or so.

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